Our missions are

a) To meet the common needs of members of profession; facilitate the professional activities; to provide the development of the profession in accordance with its general benefits; preserve the occupational discipline and morality in order to make dominant honesty and trust among the members of profession and their relations with people; take initiative and complete activities that are necessary for the protection of the benefits of the public and the country, the agricultural and industrial growth and national development in terms of art and technology

b) Make occupational inspection, favor and suggestion in collaboration with public and other institutions in terms of profession and its benefits; investigate all the documents such as professional legislation, norms, scientific contracts or typical agreements; and make suggestion to revise, improve or reactivate these documents

c) Make suggestions to authorities about the increase in and growth of necessary technical conditions and elements in order to provide fast development of surveying and cadastral staff in terms of scientific and economic context and also in parallel to national growth

d) Take initiative to establish national and international scientific, technical and professional research and inquiry institutes, observe and participate into the works of the existing institutes

e) Lead the field of determination of proficiency and experience of the members in the profession of engineering in order to give competence certificate for surveying and cadastral staff and take necessary initiatives in public institutions

f) Take all initiatives, form a solidarity and empower it against any kind of injustice and indignities that the members of profession are faced with in their occupational works and during the use of their authority

g) Take initiative to set rules to regulate the scholarships, internship and education processes of the students

h) Take initiative in public and private institutions to enable the members of profession to fully use their authorities required within their expertise in their occupational works and collaborate with these institutions when necessary

i) Make decisions regarding the national growth and common concerns in collaboration with Union of Chambers of Engineers and Architectures in various domains and other institutions

j) Investigate the problems of the students and the education of Surveying and Cadastral Engineering; develop suggestions by putting account the patterns applied in other developed countries; take initiatives in order to realize the developed models and organize activities in this field by commissions of students and academics

k) In regards of national work load, to investigate the measures to meet the needs of engineers and crafts in the surveying and cadastral profession, to regulate and provide their tenures and to announce the measures and suggestions to relevant institutions

l) To be member of relevant scientific professional institutions in other countries, develop necessary relationships with them and send delegates to their congress; organize domestic congress and conventions and make contacts with foreign professional institutions

m) Being expert, referee, juror and consultant in official and unofficial professional works

n) Provide the service of education to its members and real and legal entities by organizing such activities as courses and seminars about the subjects in the area of expertise of the Chamber; give certificate and credential to the participants; and organize for this aim.

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